If you’ve heard or rather spent numerous hours of your life scrolling through cute dog pictures on Instagram then we’re sure you would’ve come across Betram – The Pomerian’s page several times. 

Now, Bertram who’s better known as Bertie didn’t always have a rockstar life. This cute little bear-like doggo was left abandoned when he was just 5-months-old because his breeders found him way too big to sell.    

Can you even imagine? 

But thankfully, a New York artist Kathy Grayson found this adorable pup online on Petfinder.com and, like all of us, couldn’t resist Bertram’s cuteness. She told Bored Panda,     

I thought the magic of knowing your new friend immediately wasn’t real until I felt it! His little face, his blue bandana, his giant paws and eyes pointing different directions, he was grey-colored, not brown, as a puppy, the expression on his face spoke to me, I knew it would be him. 

Kathy adopted this teddy bear-like pomeranian from Oklahoma and brought him to live with her in New York City. Since then, both of them have been enjoying each other’s company and Bertie even has an official Instagram handle.    

Kathy documents everything that this furball does and honestly, we are more than thankful.  

Bertie chills at the beach and also loves splashing away in his own swimming pool. 

But this cutie is not just a fan of waters, he loves winters as well. Proof? His adorable pictures in the snow and his cute attires.  

Moreover Bertie is a true fan of the outdoors and we’re a true fan of his. 

What a munchkin.