4-year-old Jubilee was very tiny when a dog breeder gave her away to a rescue house, fearing that he won’it would be tough to sell her because of her looks.

Now, to be honest, Jubilee does look different because of a rare condition that makes her eyes look a bit strange and surprised at all times. However, that is where it ends. She is still adorable as ever.

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Something the internet proved by making her adoption post go viral with over 46,000 shares and 22,000 comments in a matter of a few days.

The rescue house, called Husky House, put up a post for Jubilee which mentioned how her looks and shy nature proved to be a problem during adoption, in the past.

People reacted to that very quickly, reiterating that there is nothing wrong with her. Thanks to that and the constant sharing, Jubilee has now found her forever home.

So many people applied to adopt her that the Husky House’s website starting encountering issues.

The best thing, though? Jubilee now has a place she can call home. We hope the beautiful Husky is given a lot of love there. She deserves it after all.