While humans across the globe are struggling to maintain the basic 6-foot- distance, this 2-year-old doggo with a long nose that measures 12 inches is winning the social distancing game. 

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Eris is a large-nosed Borzoi who lives in Virginia with her two dog moms Lilly and Savannah who adopted this gorgeous beauty in 2018. These two dog moms believe that Eris might have the longest nose in the world. 


On their first visit to Eris’s litter, the couple was told that Eris has an overbite which would rule her out for any dog shows. But that didn’t stop Lily and Savannah from adopting this beautiful baby girl along with her adorable boopable snout. 


They felt an instant connection with Eris as she came and laid her head on Savannah’s lap.  

Eris loves to frolic around in the garden while flaunting her 12.2-foot long nose and posing in front of the camera with flowers in her lusturous hair.  

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Would you look at that good girl waiting for someone to boop her nose!

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Though the only problem that Eris sometimes faces is trying to eat food without her big, boopable snout getting in the way and spilling her food, her dog mom Lily explains: 

She drops food everywhere but so do I. 

Not only that but ‘Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots’ has an official Instagram account with around 200,000 followers wanting to boop her now. 

From the tip of her nose to her tail, Eris measures four feet, nine inches with her snout alone measuring 12.2 inches. Hence her moms nicknamed her, Queen of the snouts’. 

In fact, Eris is a local star and the couples find it very hard to take her out for a family walk without being stopped twenty times. People often stop the family just to ask them what breed Eris is. 

Even though, Eris’ mom, Lily and Savannah haven’t considered having record keepers determine whether Eris really does have the world’s longest nose, they’re certainly open to the idea.  

Can’t get enough of this snouty, fluffball diva? Click here to check out her Instagram page.