Puppies are adorable but, so are baby cows. Though, if you still think differently, these cute pictures of baby cows acting like puppies is what you need to see before you make up your mind.

1. I can spend the entire day looking into those dreamy eyes. 

2. Puppy eyes done right!

3. ‘Moo-unching’ on leaves, that’s just how I roll.’

4. Even though there’s a rainbow in the background, I can’t get my eyes off this gorgeous face. 

5. Up in the air, quite literally!

6. I ‘Moo’ you too. 

7. The snuggliest face of all.

8. When the tongue emoji is your favourite emoticon.

9. Some ‘moo’-re milk please?!

10. ‘My hairstyle is better than yours.’

11. Happy face.

12. ‘How do you like ‘moo’ new jacket?’

13. ‘Hugs and kisses is all I need.’

14. Sleepy head.

15. Can’t get enough of this face. 

16. ‘What are you looking at?’

17. What a darling!

18. Today’s agenda: pretend to be a bunny. 

19. ‘Play with me, human! That’s an order.’

20. No one has ever looked this cute in a close-up. 

21. Fluffy calf = best hugs

22. Cuteness overloaded!

23. Can it get any cuter than this?

24. The only thing that’s keeping me calm is looking at this oh-so adorable face.

25. So coot!

26. Moo-unching time!

27. Sniff! Sniff!

28. A chin-bite is the new cool thing to do. 

So, baby cows are the new puppies, agreed?