We humans have given black cats the tag of being dangerous, scary and devilish but how much of all this is actually true? Even in folkore, black cats are often depicted as agents of evil or even evil itself but is this enough for us to hate them? Well, I certainly don’t think so. No animal or human should be discriminated on the basis of how they look or what colour they are. On that note, here are some pictures of black cats to prove that they too are cute and adorable just like any other fur ball on this planet so don’t underestimate them.

1. Open the door for me hooman!

2. Get ready to be hypnotized by me.

3. Nothing, just busy watching Animal Planet.

4. Clearly, I am the boss of this house.

5. Hooman, check out my skateboarding skills yo!

6. No one can match my modeling skills. You bet!

7. Ssshh… This is my usual hiding place.

8. Take me out for a stroll hooman.

9. Don’t you dare judge me for sleeping with my toy.

10. Yay! For once, I am at the right place.

11. See, ain’t I the cutest gift ever.

12. I am only a cat with eyes of pure gold.. Created for you to love and to hold.

13. You better watch out!

14. Me on Monday mornings…

15. I am just casually spying on my neighbours.

16. Hooman help me find my favourite toy, will you?

17. It’s my play time. DND!

18. No one will ever find me here. Meow!

19. Brother from another mother?

20. Done with my homework. It’s nap time for me now.