Seems like the quarantine period isn’t that dull after all for everyone. On one hand, while the global pandemic has altered the very idea of human interaction, it has brought along days full of adventure and fun meet-ups in the animal kingdom!

We’re talking about the Sea World in Gold Coast, Australia, which went viral recently for taking a sea lion named Birri Junior out for an adventure after the oceanarioum closed down amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

So the adorable guy got to visit his friends at the Shark Bay, just like any other human visitor, and was very excited after the rendezvous. Birri also visited the aquarium and met up with the tropical fishes and other underwater dwellers.

The adorable video of him catching up with his friends has gone viral and we can’t wait to find out what will happen in the next leg of his adventure. 

And it’s not just Birri Junior who’s having a gala time. The employees of Sea World have also taken penguins, and a lovely gang of sea birds out on a little field trip across the empty aquarium.

I know it’s killing us, but it’ll be a while before we can finally step out of our homes and breathe the clean fresh air. Until then, we can just binge on these endearing videos of sea animals enjoying their picnic. *makes mental note for Halloween costume inspiration*