While Assam is already on its knees battling and recovering from the fury of severe floods that have killed hundreds of people and wildlife, the inhumane act of poaching is also on the rise. 

Source: Reuters

In a recent discovery, a carcass of a female rhino shot with bullets and her horn brutally removed from her body was found inside the Kaziranga National Park. 

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According to a forest official, the body of the rhino was spotted by the patrolling staff in Meteka beel area under Gabrai Anti-poaching Camp on Friday. 

Source: NDTV ( Representational Imgae)

According to reports by ANI, the rhino was a female and the cause of her death was gunshots. Six rounds of empty cartridge of Point 303 rifle were recovered from the spot. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first case where a rhino was killed by poachers this year. A couple of month before this, on May 9th, an adult male rhino was shot dead with his horn missing. 

Just to jog your memory, Kaziranga lost 18 single horn rhinos during the colossal flood season this year. Two calves were under treatment after they were rescued.  

Source: Twitter

Reportedly, a poacher involved in several rhino poaching cases was arrested from the Biswanath area in connection to this case. More details awaited.