There is a zoo in Albania, which is called the ‘zoo from hell’, and the pictures below will tell you exactly why. 

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These heartbreaking pictures have gone global of an incredibly sad #lion named Lenci, and many other wild animals who have been kept in horrible conditions for their entire life at #SafariParkZoo in #Fier #Albania. The animals are still at the zoo and are in desperate need of rescue! 🆘 – @four_paws_international is working on getting these poor animals out of the horrible #FierZoo, but unfortunately, their not yet legally allowed to do so. They are not giving up on them and are ready to move mountains to do so as fast as possible! ➡️ Can these animals count on your support? LINK IN @four_paws_international BIO! #KeepWildlifeInTheWild 🙏🙌 . ⛔🦁🦓🐺🐻 #NoMoreFierZoo – – Via: @four_paws_international – – 🌍👉@worldanimalnews @peace_4animals

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From a malnourished lioness suffering from an eye infection, to a bear cramped in a small cage- every picture from the zoo tells a story.

And every story is heartbreaking.

Thanks to a report by The MailOnline, this was brought to the notice of authorities, who took quick action and asked for temporary closure of the zoo. 

Additionally, Blendi Klosi- Albania’s Minister of Tourism and Environment- ordered the animals to be rescued.

However, as per a NY Times report, a conservation official said that ‘the only shortcoming was that the animals did not have enough space in their cages’.

Well, that ‘only’ shortcoming was leading to unimaginable suffering for the animals, so the conservation official needs some introspection. 

Looking at the bright side, though, the animals are now free and we sincerely hope that they don’t have to go to that hell of a place, again. 

Also, this is a lesson for all of us that if we perform our duty of raising awareness about these issues, positive results will follow.