WARNING: Article contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

During Diwali celebrations, stray animals are usually the ones that bear the brunt of the noise and pollution caused by crackers. But sometimes, humans can just be downright cruel.


What we are dealing with here is a prime example of human apathy and cruelty against animals. 

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We have all heard stories of stray dogs and cats getting hurt as crackers go off everywhere. We have also heard stories of people trying crackers to these animals to get some sadistic kick and ending up scarring the poor creatures. 


On such creature is Scooby. A ring of crackers was forced upon his neck during Diwali. As it burst, it burned through his neck. 

His skin has completely burnt off due to this incident with his flesh hanging off and exposing the bone. 


The poor creature is in extreme anguish. He cannot bend, sit, let alone eat anything. World For All Animal Adoptions, an organisation that is taking care of him has said that his treatment will come up to ₹15,250 and is in need of donations.

World For All Animal Adoptions has posted his story on their Instagram page, which is where they have also specified the ways to donate any sum of money you can to save Scooby.  

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SCOOBY IS SUFFERING. Scooby has gone through unimaginable cruelty, when a ring of crackers was forced upon his neck and burst during Diwali. His skin completely burnt off due to this incident, his flesh hanging off and exposing bone. He is unable to bend, sit or eat comfortably at this point and is in extreme anguish. Scooby’s treatment will come up to INR 15,250/ – which is inclusive of First Aid – INR 700, Vet Check-Ups (17) – INR 1,700, Transport – INR 900, Foster Care (INR 110/ day for 80 days) – INR 8,800, Saline and Recovery Food – INR 1,600, Dressing and Medication (daily) – INR 1,550. TO DONATE FOR SCOOBY PAYTM: Swipe Left ONLINE TRANSFER Bank – HDFC Bank, Branch – Shere Punjab Account No.: 06691450000021, IFSC Code: HDFC0000669 Account Name: World For All Animal Care and Adoptions, Account Type: Savings Please email Receipts@worldforall.co for a confirmation of funds. Contact 9004257179 for any queries. This horrendous crime has left a innocent and helpless soul completely scarred and and tortured. He needs all the love, support and help he can get. Thank you Co Exist

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And Scooby isn’t the only case. Another stray dog, Tazo, had crackers burst too close to him burning half the flesh on his head. You can help him here