We’ve always lived in a state of extremities. On one hand, mentally sick, criminal assholes are tossing puppies off terraces or setting them on fire, if not taking selfies with fish by pulling them out of water, while the better side of humanity is fighting to protect and save all the animals of the world to the best of their capability and resources. 

Be it on land or in water, these creatures were lucky to be around compassionate humans who couldn’t bear to see the creatures in misery and helped them out relentlessly till they were free. Here are such heartwarming stories. Time for some solid inspiration.

1. A thirsty cobra is fed from a water bottle by a brave man

Snakes can be scary AF. Maybe not when they’re dying of thirst though. Just think about how parched this drought-struck cobra must be to let a human feed it water from a bottle. Never thought we’d see such a sight but here it is. This is crazy!


2. A man untangles a wire wrapped around a pelican’s beak & saves it from starving

This bird has the longest beak ever. Like it can swallow a pigeon whole. But what use is it when shut by a fishing wire? The man saw what was happening, sneaked up behind the creature and caught it forcibly, only to untangle the mess quickly and set it free!

3. A dog disastrously stuck in tar is rescued by volunteers

Rescuers found a miserable dog stuck in an unimaginable deathtrap. She was glued to a metal tar drum, lying inside and suffering silently for days without help. When she was finally discovered, she was pretty much breathing her last. But that was not the end of her life, thanks to a team of volunteers who worked non-stop for 3 hours to save her.

4. This giraffe is helped by a man with a big heart and a pair of pliers

Poor, poor giraffe. It was found terribly trapped in a wired fence by some men. The animal’s legs were dangling awkwardly and he looked unbelievably uncomfortable. Well, one of the guys and a plier came to the rescue. The best part was when the giraffe didn’t realise that it had been freed and kept lying down till it was poked and brought back to action!


5. A kitten found unconscious by a firefighter is revived with first aid

For awesome firefighters, humans are as important as animals. This dude discovered a kitten lying unconscious in a smoke-filled house that was earlier on fire. She was taken out to the road and given oxygen immediately. Cold water was also thrown in order to activate the unresponsive tot. It paid off! The kitchen coughed its way back to life in an insane footage caught on a Go-Pro.

6. A fox running wild with a can stuck on its head is freed by a kind onlooker

Watch this cute little fox bumping around blindly with its head stuck in a plastic can. It looks so helpless, you almost want to reach into the screen and pull it off. But someone did in real life too and thankfully made a video. The fox looks around in stunned wonder when the evil can finally comes off. Aah, the feeling of freedom.


7. A kangaroo trapped upside down in a grate is pulled out

Oh damn! The way this kangaroo got stuck upside down between the bars of a cattle grate will momentarily crack you up till you understand what a horrible position it is to be in. But a father and son decide to end the hopper’s futile struggle and yanked it out with one big tug. The kangaroo skips off instantly but not before receiving the sweetest goodbye message from the son.


8. Eight duckings are rescued in turn by a 6-year-old

Not many 6-year-olds can carry the pride of saving not one but 8 lives! This little girl learned that several tiny ducklings had fallen down a drainage pipe in the ground while the mother flapped about nearby looking for her babies. What did she do? She used her thin arms to dig deep into the super narrow hole and pull out the baby birds. They all came out one by one; it really is a sight.

9. A giant whale shark caught in a tight rope is helped by courageous divers

Forget about land, even those in water become victims of their own misfortune. Like this whale. The giant fish had been swimming around, probably for years, stuck in a thick, coarse fishing rope. No one knows for how long it was in excruciating pain but it was definitely kicked about being set free by a bunch of very nice divers.


10. Lost baby bird is reunited with its mom & dad after falling into a pipe

You can hear a guy making the cutest commentary in this video. He’s talking about how he picked out the tiniest possible bird from a pipe and walked it back to its parents! You can actually see the parents hopping around in the parking, looking for their missing baby. The reunion will kill you with joy.

11. A young elephant is hoisted out of a deep well by a crane

This baby elephant toppled down a 70-foot well. It was traced but getting it out was quite the task. Many men gathered to find a solution before a crane was called to assist in the rescue mission. The baby was tied by rope and hauled out of the deep hole before being released into the wild again. It ran straight for the tall grasses, probably looking for its mom!

12. A horse watches her trapped kid helplessly till a man comes to their rescue

A mother and child were walking on a bridge when the kid slipped through some wide gaps and got stuck in them. The tiny thing couldn’t even more for a while. Thankfully, a man ran to the pair and pulled the kid out somehow while the mother watched gratefully. The man then carried the baby horse to a safe patch and the mother starts following that very second. The two then set off happily, trotting into the sunset.


13. This deer was abandoned by its own mother when a guy decided to foster it

This baby deer was too weak and somewhat disabled to tag along with its mother and sibling so ended up being left behind. It would’ve died had it not been for a kind man who nourished it to health in the company of other animal friends – a cat and a dog. The baby started filling up well and was released back into the greens where the other deer were chilling, one of them maybe the long lost mother. But their bond became one worthy of telling. What a heartwarming story!

15. Dying turtle receives CPR by a young man after it hit the shore

This turtle strayed too far from home in a net and landed on the shore. It was fighting to survive surrounded by a group of young men, one of who gave the sea creature proper CPR! And it worked. The turtle was officially saved and started moving again, gleefully heading back to where it belonged.

16. A dolphin breathing its last is returned to the water just in time

A dolphin washed up on the beach till this man spotted the still fish. Even though it looked pretty much gone, he wasted no time and carried it back to the waters hurriedly. As soon as he immersed the dolphin into the water, it was miraculously blessed with a fresh lease of life. A few more seconds and it would’ve certainly been dead. Watching it swim away must have been a moment of pure joy for the rescuer.

We salute these amazing humans for doing what they do. Keep going, guys!