Imagine spending your last moments being hung upside down and then getting your throat slit or being drowned alive in hot boiling water. It’s definitely not a happy thought.

Sadly, such practices are prominent all over the world and animals are being killed every day with no mercy. Here are some of the worst forms of animal abuse that prevail in our society.

1. While gorging on your ‘healthy’ breakfast, did you realize the hell the hens go through?

Eggs are almost everyone’s go-to breakfast but do you know the plight of the hens that are made to suffer for our consumption? The hens are kept in battery cages as small as an A4 sheet. 3-4 hens are kept in the same cage which makes them eventually attack each other.

Covered in diseases, these hens are never provided with any medical care or hygiene. And we end up consuming eggs from the infected hens. 


2. While posing for ‘on fleek’ pictures on Instagram, did you realize the agony these animals suffer from?

The fur farming industry is certainly one of the worst out there. Our need to be on point with fashion results in a long journey of torture for some animals. Those furry coats that people flaunt around come from animals that are skinned alive and then left without any medical attention to suffer in pain. 

They’re confined to wired cages all their lives where they can barely move around. They’re electrocuted with clamps that are attached to their mouths and anuses. One can not even imagine the horrific torture these innocent souls go through.

Asian countries like China and Philippines have prominent industries for fur farming. In fact, China leads the list when it comes to fur production, and also consumption.


3. While putting on that perfect eyeliner, have you realized how brutally it’s tested on animals first?

Animals are used as ‘subjects’ by human beings to be experimented on. These animals are kept inside the labs for their whole lives. Reportedly, over 100 million animals are killed by cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, medical research labs and many more industries.

From being cut up alive and injected with diseases to being burnt in the eyes to the point of blindness, these poor animals have no escape.

Cosmetic companies experiment their products on animals without the guarantee of it being deemed fit for humans. 

Cruelty Free International

4. While laughing away at their tricks & being amazed at their cycling skills, have you realized how unnatural it all is?

Circus animals suffer so much their entire lives that its heartbreaking. These animals are constantly physically and mentally tortured to the point that they give in to their trainers for good. 

These animals are often stolen from the wild when they’re young to condition them to a life of torture and submission. It is not in their nature to get up on a wheel and do tricks to entertain human beings. But if they disobey their trainers, they’re brutally beaten up to the point where their spirit is completely dead. 


5. While climbing on their backs to enjoy the ride, have you realized the pain they go through every day?

Animal tourism is a money-minting business for human beings. Animals are kept in captivity for our entertainment. But our ignorance results in these animals being held captive for the rest of their lives. Inexperienced people training animals in horrible conditions is what happens in the name of animal tourism.

Animals are forced to perform routines to entertain human beings and often display patterns of repetitive behaviour which clearly indicates stress.

At times, animals are also forced to mate in captivity so that the industry keeps blooming.

Imagine spending your whole life being controlled by others. Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it?


6. While buying ivory products, do you realise how inhumanely the elephants were slaughtered?

One elephant is killed every 25 minutes for its tusks. 

Since, just two-thirds of elephant’s tusk is visible, poachers axe the rest of its head in order to obtain the whole thing. Sometimes, entire families are poached together which ends up in headless bodies of elephants lying around everywhere.

Even though there is an international ban on ivory trade, it doesn’t stop poachers from illegally killing these elephants. Reportedly, 1 kg of ivory is worth between $1,000 and $1,500 in the Asian market and each elephant tusk weighs up to 10 kg.


7. While betting on your favourite horse, have you realized the brutality they suffer from by the hands of their trainers?

Horse racing is a big industry where these super-intelligent creatures are exploited for our gain and entertainment. They’re trained under ruthless circumstances and drugged with illegal substances when they suffer from an injury. Trainers and vets do this to numb their injuries so that they can continue racing. This worsens their condition. 

And when they can no longer perform, they’re discarded like waste without a second thought. Thousands of horses are produced annually but only a few make it to the racing tracks.


8. While enjoying that perfect slice of meat, have you realized the terrible conditions the animal was kept in?

Can you imagine staying in an unhygienic, crammed up space for the rest of your life with the guarantee of being slaughtered one day? No, not at all.

Animals at factory farms live this life every day. With the introduction of modern machinery and techniques, these animals never even step out in the real world. They are also injected with multiple steroids to make them meatier as opposed to their natural state.

Infected with diseases, these animals have nowhere to run to and end up being brutally slaughtered.

9. While enjoying that perfect cup of masala chai, have you realized that the cow was impregnated forcibly to provide you with milk?

Cows as young as one are artificially inseminated in order to make them lactate after giving birth. The farmers immediately take the calf away from its mother so that they could sell the milk that’s meant for its baby. After the ten-month lactation period is over, they’re inseminated again to continue the cycle of lactation, and abuse.

This doesn’t stop till the cow’s body gives up and is unable to lactate anymore. On an average, a cow’s life span is till 20 years but the stress they go through during this time shortens their life expectancy to much less. They’re sent to a slaughterhouse by the time they are 5-6 years old where they are killed mercilessly.

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Human beings need to realise that exploiting a living being for their own benefit is as unethical as it gets. No one should have to lead the life these poor souls do.

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