In this world where humans and animals coexist, we rarely take the opportunity to appreciate our animal friends who’ve always put humans before themselves.

From their quick thinking to smart actions, these animals gave us heartwarming stories putting their lives in danger to save humans.

1. When a dog saved 30 lives by alerting people about a fire.

After a fire broke out in a building in Banda, UP, this dog kept barking to alert everyone allowing them to escape safely.

2. When an elephant saved a 4-year-old girl from being attacked by its herd.

After falling from a scooter, 4-year-old Ahana was surrounded by a herd of elephants. One of the elephants stood guard and protected the child from being attacked by its herd.


3. When a stray dog got stabbed while trying to save a woman from being sexually harassed.

Stray dog Sheru, attacked a man who tried to barge into a woman’s house and molest her. Although, the man’s plans were foiled, Sheru got stabbed in the process.

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4. When a cat saved a pregnant woman from fire.

Baby the cat, woke its humans in the event of a fire in their house. The couple was seven months pregnant and had fallen asleep on the couch when a fire broke out in one of the rooms.


5. When a dog got stabbed while saving its human from being mugged.

Gino Wensel, 40, was on a walk with his dog, Duke, when a street robber stopped them with a knife in his hand. The brave german shepherd defended its owner by growling at the robber, scaring him away, but got stabbed in the process.


6. When a dog came to the rescue of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest.

Dr. Sancheti was all alone in his house when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Brownie the dog, who was fed and taken care of by Dr. Sancheti sensed something wrong and behaved in an unusual manner alerting the neighbours who came to help immediately.

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7. When an elephant saved a little girl from the tsunami in Indonesia.

When the tsunami struck Indonesia, an elephant took Amber Mason, a little girl on his back and ran to higher ground to save her from the crashing waves.


These instances are an example of how animals put humans before themselves more often than humans do something for them.