Animals are the most loving creatures on Earth without a doubt. But then, just like us, humans, animals too can be jerks at times, albeit in a hilarious way. 

As this Reddit thread points out, here are 15 times when animals were total jerks. 

1. Come on, hurry up, kitty! 

2. My kind of #FollowMe. 

3. This cat means business. 


4. Swag waali billi

5. Flies going at it


6. Gimme that band, mommy. 

7. I am so bored, let me scratch you!


8. Boss cat!

9. So you said you wanted to overtake me?

10. Better view, my ass. 

11. A friend in need. 


12. Play with me, you lazy bum. 

13. Don’t you dare touch my food. 

14. Residential area, what?

15. The cat literally ate my homework!


Beware, hoomans!