Alfred (Alfie) Date, might not be with us today, but what he left in his legacy is the idea of 'age is just a number'. The oldest man of Australia spent his days knitting small wool sweaters for injured penguins in the time of crisis.

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In 2001, when an oil spill disaster struck, the wildlife clinic at Phillip Island Nature Park was prepared, with hundreds of little wool sweaters on hand. 

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Shortly after transferring into a care home in southwest Australia, Alfie began knitting the 'easy single-rib and double-rib sweaters.' 

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When he discovered he had a flair for knitting, two nurses approached him, regarding the Phillip Island Nature Park, to gauge his interest in knitting for the penguins.

Source: ABC News - Walt Disney

483 little penguins were taken to the rehabilitation centre after a spill on Phillip Island, with 96% of them being released back into the wild.

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The centre eventually didn't require any more penguin sweaters, but the fact that so many small penguins' lives were spared because to Alfie's efforts cannot be forgotten.

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Alfie left for a heavenly abode in 2016.