Graphic Warning: Some images in the article may be disturbing. Viewer discretion advised. 

In what can only be called tragic news, two Himalayan bear cubs froze to death in Russia after drunk woodcutters forced their mother to run away. 

The men, who just wanted to have some fun, tried to wake up the adult bear and later attacked her with a chainsaw when she lashed at them angrily. 

Siberian Times

According to The Siberian Times, the mother, along with her cubs, was hibernating in a den when the woodcutters first appeared outside. 

The two dead cubs were later spotted by adventure experts who were patrolling the forest area in Anuchinsky district of East Russia

Siberian Times

Though it is not clear how many people were involved but the police has identified a few suspects and is still investigating. 

After the mother bear was attacked by a chainsaw and fled her den, a man named Dmitry Pankratov (from the regional department for Wildlife Control) informed the local police. 

Siberian Times

Despite the cubs and her mother staying well within their territory, they had to pay the price for being sighted by a few drunk woodcutters. 

Even as the police officials look for the culprits, the mother bear has not yet been tracked and is said to be roaming somewhere in the woods.