Photography is an art thanks to which even still images speak a thousand words. 

Just like humans, dogs also have different personalities and photographer Alan Schaller has beautifully captured those in his photographs, after having traveled all across the world clicking all kinds of adorable dogs. 

From tiny, furry puppies to big hounds, all of them are showing their extraordinary personalities in Alan’s black and white frame. 

Here are 32 pictures that’ll make you certainly make you fall in love:

1. Surrey, UK

2. London, UK

3. Helsinki, Finland

4. London, UK

5. London, UK

6. Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA

7. London, UK

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. London, UK

10.  New York, USA New York, USA

11. London, UK

12. New York, USA

13. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex, UK

14. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex, UK

15. London, UK

16. Casino Royale, Monaco

17. Volterra, Italy

18. Pisa, Italy

19. London, UK

20. Koh Phayam, Thailand

21. London, UK

22. Kolkata, India

23. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex, UK

24. London, UK

25. London, UK

26. Cannes, France

27. London, UK

28. London, UK

29. Antibes, France

30. Arctic Circle, Norway

31. London, UK

32. London, UK