Disclaimer:  ScoopWhoop in no way promotes serving alcoholic beverages to your pets. Alcohol consumption by animals can be deeply injurious to health. This article is based on a pet friendly brew made of natural ingredients.

What's better than putting your feet up and cracking open a chilled bottle of beer after a tough of day of work, you ask? 

Enjoying a pint of beer with your furry friend as they put their paws up. 

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Pet Parents, I'm not messing with you. Busch has especially crafted a beer made for your four-legged fur balls. 

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You heard that right folks, there's finally a pawsome beer in the market! 

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Busch's pet-safe collection of beer is called Dog Brew and their first batch sold out like a pack of chilled beer on a hot summer day. 

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If you're wondering what goes in this Dog Brew, Busch has been pretty transparent with the natural ingredients they use. This pet-safe beer contains only fresh ingredients. 

It is made with the wholesomeness of vegetables, herbs, spices, water and pork broth to ensure that your best beer buddy has a tasty snack that looks after their digestive system. 

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In fact, Busch's official website further goes on to clarify that their paw-some beverage is not alcoholic as they explain: 

Alcohol and hops are toxic for dogs. Keep the Busch to yourself. That’s why we made this special pork bone broth brew for your best bud. 
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Wondering how much this paw-tastic Dog Brew is retailing for? Well, the value pack of four costs $9.99 ( Rs. 734, approx). 

For every case that's sold, Busch has taken the initiative to donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society to aid the other furry animals in need. 

Source: KIRO TV

So techincally, this exclusive Dog Brew is for a great cause!