Disclaimer: Some may find the image inside the article distressing. Readers’ discretion is advised. 

While there are several punishments for animal cruelty, it is no deterrent to humans acting like monsters and torturing voiceless animals.

One such brutal incident has surfaced on the internet where a carcass of a leopard with its head and paws cut-off was seen on Wardha-Mandva road, Maharashtra.   

Dr SB Bagal – who conducted the post-mortem of the animal who died after getting trapped in wires, he added

Prima facie it looks the head and paws were cut at some other spot and leopard was dumped along the road to destroy evidence. No bloodstains were found at the spot where the animal was found. 
Press Mirchi( For representation purposes)

According to reports, four people from Waghdar village have been arrested and the body parts of the leopard have been seized from them.