I understand how some people look at rituals. They keep you grounded and centered, even in difficult times.

But what I don’t understand are rituals that do more harm than good. One such good-for-nothing ritual has stuck around in Bulgaria for 200 years. The said ritual is called dog spinning and its name is self-explanatory. 

In this bizarre ritual, the residents of a village in Bulgaria hoist a dog between two poles, tied to a rope that is revved to spin until the dog finally falls, disoriented and terrified, into a puddle of water below. All of this is done in the name of saving the villagers from rabies and keeping away evil spirits. 


The ‘practitioners’ claim that the dogs are not harmed during this ancient pagan ritual, called Trichane, in the local language. But look at the terrified faces of these helpless animals, as people cheer. In the past, dogs have drowned because they are so disoriented when they drop into the water.

Occupy for Animals

The ritual was officially banned by the Bulgarian government in 2006, but the law is not enforced properly and people still continue to perform the sadistic ritual. Animal right activists from Bulgaria and Ukraine have raised their voices against the atrocious ritual, but all in vain. Until the law is implemented properly, more dogs will be put through this trauma. 


Many environmentalists in the country have been voicing concerns since a long time. Animal rights activists are now gathering support online to put to an end to this barbaric practice. There are several petitions online that are urging villagers to end this barbaric practice. 

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