The Canada lynx cat from the regions of Canada and Alaska may look like a regular house cat but, these adorable fluffy looking predators are pretty wild. These cute looking creatures live under fallen tress, rock ledges and thick bushes in the forested areas. They are territorial animals but the males ones usually prefer living alone. 

Take a look at some amazing pictures clicked by professional photographers that will make you fall in love with this cutie pie. 

A cat? A lion? Or both?

Just ‘hanging’ around.

‘Cat’ walking his way through the snow like he owns it.

You’ll definitely fall in love with this one if you stare into his eyes for more than 10 seconds.

Their big eyes and advanced hearing make them excellent hunters at night. These fluffy animals can’t run very fast but they definitely know sneaky tactics to catch their prey. They wait for their prey to come close to them before pouncing on them or they just sit for hours looking for food. They are endangered species with only a few hundred animals remaining across 48 states.  

Me yawning in office meetings like…

Me trying to force myself to stay awake in class like…

The straight face you make when your friend cracks a lame joke

Does that even qualify as a tail?

The Canada lynx is sexually dimorphic, with males larger and heavier than females. Like the bobcat, the Canada lynx has forelimbs shorter than the hindlimbs, so that the back appears to be sloping downward toward the front. They are also good swimmers, efficient climbers and smart predators who rely more on their brain than their physical strength. 

More like a Paw-five!

Standing tall and posing like a boss is something that I need to learn from this fuzzy animal

My expression on Monday mornings…

My friends forcing me to pose for the camera like…

Just like me, even people on the internet were fascinated by this fluffy creature.

An insanely gorgeous animal indeed. Agreed?