In an unfortunate incident, carcass of a 35-foot-long, critically endangered whale was spotted washed up on the shores of Mandarmani in West Bengal. 

The Bengal Story

The whale’s head was resting in a puddle of blood as the locals gathered to witness the tragic sight.

Even though something resembling marks of gruesome injuries can be seen on the whale’s tail, the source of the bedding or the reason for its death is still not clear.

Republic World

Officials of the East Midnapore district rushed to the beach upon hearing the tragic news. Experts from the forest, wildfire and fisheries departments have also made their way to the sight. 


Mandarmani is located 150 kms from Kolkata and is a tourist spot. The locals, however, claim that this is the first time that they have witnessed such an incident in the area. 


Under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, whales are endangered schedule-I species in India. 


As we write this, experts are examining the carcass of the mammal to understand the reason for its death.