A couple has achieved one of the most difficult feat, they have a cat and a dog as pets. The duo, Henry, the dog and Baloo, the cat have both been adopted by the couple. 

Henry has been in the family for over three years now whereas Baloo – a Siamese kitten mix has been adopted recently.

The most amazing thing is that Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are avid hikers, and they take their pets along with them on their adventures. Apparently, Henry and Baloo are the best buddies and the pictures of them having fun together are going to warm your hearts and make you want to adopt one too.

An adorable head-gear for the adorable doggo.

We can’t imagine a dog letting a kitty rest so coolly on its head.

Can any two animals sleep so peacefully together?

Find us a cuter pet duo, we dare you.

Who wouldn’t love that ride?

Taking nature in together.

One of the cutest friendships of the animal kingdom.

Because dressing up with friends is a thing.

All pictures are from Henry’s Instagram. You can follow them for more such awwwesome pictures.