Once upon a time, there was a lovely cat, who had fungus. Her human mother was not Indian. But it turns out, she is more desi than we realise. 


Because, to treat the ailment, she used the traditional remedy of turmeric. 

Basically, haldi mein nehla diya billi ko. Lo, and behold, we have a Pikachu. 

Haha. You didn’t see that coming, did you?


Man, I thought only Indian moms did this shit. Like bathe you in turmeric? Anyone who’s ever had chicken pox in a small town will tell you the story of how they had to take a whole turmeric bath after they got well. 

Also, haldi ka doodh for sore throats. God damn it, mom! Vicks candies did the trick and tasted better and was much less effort!


Anyhow, before I do a complete swan dive into supressed childhood trauma, here’s some more pictures of the cat looking like Pikachu! Cos, cats are awesome. 

Here’s one with the edit that makes it look like the cutest, most powerful thing in all of creation. 

For more pictures of the cat, you can refer to this Facebook post: 

You’re welcome.