The grief and pain one feels when they lose someone they love is beyond our imagination. Even animals grief the loss of their loved ones just like us. 

Kathryn, a mom cat was found grieving the death of her new born babies in an empty rental apartment. But, fortunately new tenants found her in the apartment and called Langebaan Animal Care, in South Africa, for help. 

Sadly, her babies couldn’t survive. All of them died and Kathryn had no where else to go so she was taken in by Izelle Marallich, the chairperson of Langebaan Animal Care.

Marallich in an interview said that Kathryn was extremely affectionate but she was still sad and upset with what had happened with her kittens. She longed for love and was relentless. She often would look around for her babies and cry, which was heartbreaking for Marallich. She further added: 

She had to sleep with a person and hold on to you. It was like she could not get enough love. But, even with her foster family, Kathryn still mourned her past. She was very restless, however, and would cry looking for her babies, which was heartbreaking.

But, the feline’s life changed for the better when an orphaned litter of puppies arrived at Marallich’s house. Kathryn immediately started taking care of the puppies, as if they were her own. She developed a deep connection with the pups and she gradually became their mom. 

She would lick them, soothe them and give them immense love. 

Initially, the puppies were confused and they would move away from her but Kathryn was persistent and she kept going to groom them. Soon, they started getting used to her licking and just having her around. 

Eventually, the puppies grew accustomed to Kathryn, and started nursing. From that moment on, Kathryn felt complete again. She was happy and content. Marallich said:

She stopped being restless and crying and just slept day and night with them. [She] even ate the puppy food we gave them. They were happy and she was happy!  

Since then, all the puppies were lucky enough to find their forever homes but, Kathryn is isn’t sad anymore. Now, she has two new babies to look after — a pair of orphaned kittens found abandoned in a field.

Aww! She is such a wonderful cat. All one needs is love sometimes. 

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