Warning: The article contains graphic content, viewer discretion advised. 

Despite a lot of humane organizations and NGOs working for the conservation and betterment of animals, there are incidents that pop up every then and now that don’t really help the cause.

Recently, a Chinese Theme Park sparked outrage after forcibly tying & pushing a pig to bungee jump, reports BBC.


In the video, which amassed a lot of negative comments, the pig can be seen being tied to a pole by a couple of men who then push off the poor animal from a 68-metre high tower. 

After being heavily criticized for this activity, the theme park said it was a stunt held to mark the opening of a new bungee attraction. 


The pig, clearly frightened, was later pictured dangling midair with the help of a suspended rope. 


The incident that took place on Saturday, January 18 shook a lot of people in China especially those who are strongly advocating for animal rights. 

Though the theme park accepted all criticism coming their way, there was no stopping angry netizens on Twitter. 

If this was not harsh enough for the poor animal, the owners of the park confirmed that the pig was all well after the bungee stunt and that it has been sent to a slaughterhouse.

You can watch the video here.