How many times have you felt that the work you’re doing is just not for you? How many times have you decided to call it quits because you wanted to do something else?

Well, Lulu, the CIA K-9 probably felt the same and that’s why the CIA decided to let her go and respect her wishes as she no longer was interested in working. 

Yup, that’s right!

The official twitter handle of the CIA tweeted their grief in letting Lulu go. 

They said that sometimes, some dogs just don’t feel it. 

 Now, we can’t really blame Lulu, can we?

We feel you, Lulu! Jobs can be hard sometimes. 

Yup, even after all the food and drinks, a lot of us still don’t feel it. 

The CIA is definitely going to miss Lulu. But they have made their peace with it.

Currently, Lulu is enjoying an early retirement with her handler, who adopted her. And she seems to be having a baller time.

Lulu, we hope you’re getting to play as much as you want. I think we all have learnt something from Lulu – if it’s not your calling, just quit. Be like Lulu. 

What a beautiful gesture from the CIA, right?

All tweets and images from CIA/Twitter.