Panic around coronavirus has fueled a rapid increase in the cases of abandoned pets.  

In yet another heartbreaking video that has surfaced on the internet, a 13-year-old Golden Labrador is captured being abandoned by his owner at the side of a road. 

The clip shows a woman pulling over at a roadside in her Tesla and stepping out of the car with her furball. 

Soon enough she tricks her doggo, walks over to the wooden area with her naive pooch and before Henry, the golden labrador knows, his owner has jogged back to the car and left him forever. 

Ageing Henry just stood there, waiting for his owner to come back. He glanced over at every car that passed him and hoped that his owner would come back. 

This heartbreaking video was filmed by Brandon Price who posted the disturbing footage on Facebook with the caption: 

‘To the b*tch that dumped her dog and just drove off, I hope your tesla gets all the windows bashed and tires slashed. 

Thankfully, 13-year-old Henry is in safe hands as volunteers of a non-profit organization, I Paw'd It Forward are taking care of him. Brandon who posted the video has begun to raise money for the charity. 

Henry is currently not up for adoption as the NGO is running an investigation but is being fostered by the same organization.   

Please remember that abandoning your pets is a heinous act of animal cruelty. Pets are not products that can be exchanged or returned.