2020 has been one year that has tested us all. But while going through this roller coaster ride, there were a few times that made us sit back and appreciate the silver lining. 

Those times made us realize that we can always find comfort even when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. 

1. Two widowed penguins hugging each other for comfort. 

2. Newlywed couple decided to ditch their honeymoon plans to clean up a beach in Karnataka.

3. Trump was voted out. 

Evan Vucci / AP/ Mother Jones

4. Kamala Harris showing the world how it’s done.

5. A doctor took an 87-year-old COVID-19 patient to watch the sunset together.

5. The moment when crew members of SpaceX made their way to the International Space Station.

And, they were not alone. They had baby Yoda with them. 

6. A newborn baby pulling off a mask cus we can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to wear one.

7. Farmers feed underprivileged during farmers protest. 

8. Farmers offer water to cops during the protest where they were subjected to tear gas & water cannons.


9. A Muslim brother adopted Hindu sisters and even funded their weddings. 

10. A man in Assam is converting old TV sets into comfy homes for stray dogs.


11. When we learned about appreciating the things we have just the way they are. 

12. Son of a rickshaw driver becomes the first Indian to be selected for a prestigious ballet school.

He discovered ballet just four years ago. 

13. When a baby boy was born safely in an Indigo flight traveling from Delhi to Bangalore.

14. Hyundai showroom adopted a stray dog and even gave him an identity card.  

15. When people in Italy stood in their balconies and sang in solidarity overlooking empty streets.  

Reueters/ India Today

16. Five siblings were adopted by a single foster dad just so they can stay together. 

Hamilton County JFS Adoption & F SWNS/ Independant

17. When Sonu Sood arranged for buses so migrant workers could go back to their homes during the lockdown.

18. Delhi’s pollution dropped due to nationwide lockdown.

People were also able to spot Mt. Kanchenjunga (Nepal) from Siliguri which is about 100 km away from Siliguri due to a drop in pollution.

Well, here’s to 2020 to teaching us the hard lessons.