Keeping a pet is a big commitment but when you weigh the pros & cons, it’s not a competition, the former wins. Now, if the pet is a dog, things take a whole new meaning. Dogs are just a more loving, loyal and clingy version of human beings and everyone who owns one, will agree!

Keeping this idea in mind, New York artist Gemma Gené started making comics about her dog Mochi. She used to miss him when she was in office and it inspired her to started drawing about him. Here are 30 cute comics that everyone who lives with a dog will relate to:

1. This is what your dog thinks when you’re not around.

2. When they start behaving like your non vegetarian friends.

*Chicken momos for me, veg momos for both of us*.

3. Forever Mami’s angel.

4. If you don’t take multiple naps together, is it even love? 

5. Small people problems.


*Mochi keeps sitting*

7. Mami>Papa.

8. Love you so much, it hurts.

9. Bed is bae.

10. The stare down starts.

11. Feed me, please?

12. Sharing is caring. Remember?

13. Your bed is my bed.

14. Everyone hates you.

15. There’s taco on my mind.

16. If dogs had social anxiety.

17. Dogs give you validation when no one else does.

18. How dare you feed other dogs?

19. I’ll eat the food and I’ll eat the plate.

20. Just looking insanely adorable, 24*7. No big deal.

21. Talk about  alarms.

22. Papa is the new best friend.

23. Ain’t coming with you outside.

24. Dog push ups are now a thing!

25. This is what your dog does when you’re not around. Feel guilty, yet?

26. When their sleep becomes more important?

 27. Tough not to get distracted with so much beauty around. 

28. Call? Who?

29. You’re doing this on purpose, no?

30. It’s a ghost. Ruuuuun.

*Papa enters*

Cute, aren’t they? Talking about Mochi Gené told Bored Panda, “Mochi is a very happy and sweet pug that sees life in a particular way. He is super sweet and well behaved, but he can be very sassy and pretty much does whatever he wants. His favorite activities include sleeping, eating and going for walks, especially when he is being carried.” 

That sounds like me.

H/T: Bored Panda.