Hedgehogs are basically like us. Sharp and pointy from outside and a hella softie from inside.

And these cutie-pokey bundles posing in front of the aesthetic backdrop of flowers are basically art.

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Feeling cute, might poke you later, IDK.

If only my candids looked this pretty.

It protecc, it attacc, but most importantly it wears a hat.

Hogging all the attention with my uber cute beanie.

Can’t see them haters, when I got my sun(flower)-glasses on.

Cute hedgehog goes ‘wheeee’ with his wee arms and legs.

Let’s go on a ‘prick-nic’? Hedgehog’s day out.


Howdie, hooman. Have a good one.


Toe beans! What is this cuteness? Let me just die for you.

Purple in paradise.


Poke them haters, guys.

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