Koala bears, the Australian native animal, are perhaps only the cutest li'l herbivores, who basically eat, sleep and repeat, every day. 

Recently, it was announced that there are only 80,000 koalas left in this world, rendering them functionally extinct. Deforestation, warmer weather, and droughts are considered to be the reason leading to their decline, according to AKF.

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'Hello human. Here to spend some koala-ty time with you.'

Can't do mornings. 'Leaf' me alone.

Blep on them haters.

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Oh, nothing. Just hanging out on this tree being cute. Carry on, you're cute, too. (Not more than moi, though.)

Hit snooze on that alarm, yo. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

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I didn't choose the nap life. The nap life chose me.

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It's snack-o-clock 24x7.

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Me love me some good snuggles.

Gonna nibble on this thing. *Chomp chomp*

Let me show you how it's done, hooman.

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Koala-fied all the rounds for being the cutest here.

Spending some koala-ty time with fam.

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Can't reach my level of cuteness.

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Round furry orbs of cuteness, let me just die for you.