Just like fat babies, we are automatically attracted to chubby doggos. As soon as we see a chunky little furry buddy coming our way, we are mesmerised by its cuteness. 

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Some pet parents do not pay attention to their dog’s diet and end up feeding them way too much. Some of them are either ill-informed about a dog’s diet and most of them do it out of love.

But pets do not function like us. Unlike us, they lack the internal consciousness which tells them they are full. They will eat beyond the point of their stomach being full and usually, they overeat. 

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A lot of major concerns are associated with a pet’s weight being more than the ideal number for their breed. The first concern is that being overweight leads them to face several health-related issues.

An obese dog is at a huge risk of having a heart condition which could shorten its lifespan significantly. Obesity can also lead to diabetes, arthritis, and even liver failure in cats. 


According to experts, treating orthopedic and neurological diseases become more difficult if the animal is obese. 

Another problem is that if the canine faces a limb injury, the weight becomes an obstacle in its mobility and that significantly slows down the recovery process.

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The key to making sure your pet doesn’t end up obese is to make sure its diet has a strict regime. The first step to making sure that is the case is to visit your vet. 

The vet will tell you exactly what and how much to feed your dog according to its breed. All dog breeds have different requirements based on their body type and pet parents should do full research and speak to their vet before deciding their pet’s diet.


Under no circumstances should you drastically decrease the amount of their food on your own as they could miss out on essential nutrients and calories. Always let the experts guide you.

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As far as giving treats is concerned, there should be a limit on how many your dog should be consuming on a daily basis. If you want to keep your dog in shape and avoid health issues, refrain from throwing treats at it every now and then.

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In case your dog is obese even without you overfeeding it, you should visit your vet immediately as he might be suffering from other issues like a slow metabolism rate. You should also make sure your pet gets adequate amount of exercise in order to lead a long and healthy life. 

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Loving your pet should mean that their health should be your number one concern. So, if that means you have to make sure they don’t eat more than their body can take, you need to make that decision.