Pet or no pet, we can all easily agree that dogs are a lovely creation. They will love you, protect you, and cuddle with you, all just for a long session of tummy rubbing in return! And when they have a fellow dog sibling right in the house, you can easily say that you’re living a good life.

That’s exactly how it was for director Easton Dufur. He had two lovely Labradors, Stitch and Cookie. According to Dufur, both of them loved each other so much that you’d always find them together. In fact, Easton would give them food in the same bowl.

When Cookie was younger, Stitch taught her to eat only half the food in the bowl so that there would be food for both of them. Stitch passed away, leaving Cookie alone, but the wonderful story that Easton shared will make you send all the love in the world to the doggo.

Cookie still leaves half the food in the bowl. Dufur has been giving less food to Cookie but even with a reduction in the portion, the little girl leaves half the bowl full of food. 

Isn’t that making you tear up a little?

During his interaction with Mashable, Easton said:

“We got Stitch when I was in kindergarten. Then around the third grade is when we got Cookie. We felt that Stitch should have some company. But they were like Batman and Robin they were always together they always always got along and always were playing with each other and taking care of one another.”

This photo that Easton posted is even more heartbreaking:

What have hoomans done to deserve such lovely creatures? *Grabs tissue*