As the stink of arson started fading from the streets of North-East Delhi and the sight of charred vehicles and houses became more clear, a picture of a traumatic fluffy four-legged stray, sitting in the middle of a burnt petrol pump, refusing to eat anything went viral. 

Bhanjanpura’s petrol pump which was set on fire by the rioters was this dog’s home and the petrol pump employees were his family. Traumatised by the situation, amidst the chaos, he showed his loyalty to his home and chose to hide there as violence broke out. 

Refusing to eat anything or even look up from his spot, after the incident, this dog was seen covered in ashes and dust. He was hiding inside the same petrol pump (which was now burned down to the ground) until an animal lover rescued him from the affected environment. 


Bobby Ramgharia, an animal lover who resides in the eastern part of Delhi rescued this traumatised stray from the arson affected petrol pump in the Bhajanpura area.

Bobby has been working towards the welfare of stray animals who are victims of animal cruelty. He took this and another stray dog home after the locals gave him a call because one of the doggos was injured with a swollen paw. 

After Bobby reached the petrol pump to take the strays for a doctor’s visit, he found them hiding and as soon as he tried to pet them, they flinched as if they were scared that someone was going to attack them.  

Fixating on one spot, looking in one direction and barely blinking, Bobby claimed that the doggo was still in shock. Fearing the worst, being way too scared to move freely in its own home, it was in a state of despair.  

Looking at the condition of this dog, Bobby instantly took it to the vet, where the doctor did a thorough check-up, put it on glucose, and prescribed antibiotics for the injuries. 

In an exclusive interview with ScoopWhoop, Bobby told us that the dog was diagnosed with depression which was caused by human-induced trauma. 

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The dog is currently undergoing treatments for his condition and Bobby who has a small scale business is taking care of all the expenses. Not only that, the stray doggo is currently staying with him. 

Remembering about the doggo’s first day at his home, he told us about how this adorable dog had lost his appetite, even after he was rescued:

Woh ek hi corner pe baitha raha 2 din tak, bilkul hil bhi nahi raha tha. Paani diya woh bhi 15-20 minute baad piyaa. Bahut pet karne ke baad, isne 4-5 ghante ke baad thoda milk piya. 

And even though the doggo was now in a safe environment, surrounded by someone who was trying to nurse him back to health, it was still experiencing  PTSD from the violence. While sleeping his entire body started shaking in fear. Bobby further reveals: 

Main iske saath pehle din so raha tha, ekdum se iski body neend main hilne laggi, vibrate karne lagi. Use shaant karne ke lie main usse pet karna laga. 

Posing as the saving grace of humanity, he commented on the communal violence and showed us how gravely it affects the animals who don’t even belong to any particular religion: 

Unhe need hoti hai love ki, pyaar ki. Yeh sab dekh kar har koi dar jata hai. Yeh petrol pump unka ghar tha, dango ne inka ghar jala dia. Kya dushmani hai logo ki in masoom bachchon se?

Animals don’t belong to any religion and yet they’re the ones who suffer the most. In times of inhumane situations like these, Bobby is guiding us and the animals on a better path of humanity with his selfless acts. 

In case, you’re witnessing any cases of animal cruelty in your area or can help Bobby with his rescues in any way, you can find his details here.