If you want a reason to smile today, here's the perfect one. A video of an injured dog entering a pharmacy is doing the rounds on the internet and it's the ideal dose of warmth for your heart.

The pharmacy run by animal-lover Banu Cengiz is a known haven for stray dogs in Istanbul, Turkey, who come there to seek a comfortable bed and food. 

Source: The Dodo

However, this particular dog entered the pharmacy with a different agenda altogether. In the video, the dog enters the pharmacy and waits for Cengiz to come to her. Cengiz told The Dodo,

She was looking at me. I said, 'Baby, is there a problem?'

The dog was bleeding from a small cut on her paw and was clearly, in need of medical help which Cengiz provided. She was the perfect patient and let Cengiz take care of her.

When I was done, she laid down as if to thank me. She was saying, 'I trust you.'
Source: The Dodo

The dog comfortably recovered in the pharmacy and eventually left when she was feeling all better.

Source: The Dodo

People on Twitter lauded Cengiz for her love towards the stray.

This world needs more people like Miss Banu Cengiz.