From chasing their own tail in circles to staring and scratching walls for no good reason, dogs have never failed to amaze their humans. 

Taking things to the next level was this dog in the town of Port St. Lucie, Florida. 

Adorable dog in car
Source: Pinterest

Everything seemed well and quiet in the beach-city, until a dog decided to have some fun inside a car. Yeah, an unbelievable combination giving rise to an unbelievable incident. 

According to CNN, a dog named Max, hopped into a running car, kicked it into reverse, drove in circles for an hour, smashed the neighbour's mailbox before safely exiting the vehicle. 

By the time it was clear that it wasn't an underage child but a dog responsible for this ruckus, the police and fire department had been called in. 

When the local police approached the car and opened the door, a large black Labrador retriever hopped out of the driving seat much to their surprise. 

Max behind the wheels in Florida

Though it could've been worse, the dog's safety gave an immediate sense of relief to Anne Sabol, Max's owner. 

She exclaimed the dog surely had a wild side to it and said: 

They should give that thing a license.
A local cop approaches the car
Source: CNN

After the video went viral and gained more than a million views in a few hours, netizens were quick to react to this incredible story. 

Though we can't say whether the dog was really terrified or enjoying the moment but it was surely an unbelievable incident, at least for the local police and firemen to witness. 

The dog's owner further promised to get her neighbour's mailbox fixed.