Aren’t dogs the most adorable creatures?

These little puff balls, with their wagging tails, make life so much better. And then, no matter how much attention they demand, we are all happy to give it to them and forgive their mischiefs. 

Because, hey, dogs just want to have some fun!

Like this little one who decided to jump in the middle of a football game in Argentina and tried to show some really impressive skills while playing with the same ball.

The adorable pooch interrupted a match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandí for about 30 minutes. 

It hopped in the field from nowhere and when the officials tried to take it out, the enthusiastic dog refused to leave the field and forced them into playing fetch.

And after the match, when an interviewer tried to interview the dog, she decided to eat the microphone!

The dog was probably lucky for San Lorenzo as they won the match by 1-0! 

Not just that, it also ended up being hired by the team as the stadium’s groundskeeper adopted her. 

According to Olé, she’ll be working on the site with a few other dogs to chase away birds who try to eat the planted grass seeds when the field needs repair.She might have just come to have some fun but got herself a job! Whatte talented cutie.