While the lockdown has inspired most of humans to experiment with their own hair, Hank, an adorable four-legged fluffball is winning the internet’s heart with his lockdown hairstyles. 

For every single day that Hank is a good boy and quarantines at home with his hooman parents, he gets a brand new makeover or recreates iconic looks. 

 Here are all of our favourite Hank looks:  

1. I’m a rockstar doggo in these spikes and I’m ready to roll ‘fur’ my online concert, hooman. 

2. I ‘woof’ up like this, hooman!

3. I’m going retro, just got inspired by Rishi Kapoor and his sweaters!

4. I have a WFH meeting with my other furry friends to come up with a strategy to kill all the machchars. 

5. I missed The Flintstones so much, that I tried to become Bam-Bam. 

6. You can call me Hipster Hank, just need some Herbs now. 

7. Watched Ratatouille yesterday, got inspired by Remy and now I’m Chef HANK. 

8. I miss my trips to the salon so much. 

9. I’m going to look at my magic bowl and tell you everything about your future through these tarot cards, hooman. 

10. Henlo, I am future, here to tell you that it is all going to be ok.  

11. Am I Hank? Or am I princess Leia? 

12. It’s house part Hank time. 

13. ET kept saying home home home, so I gave it a big bear hug: 

14. Please cast me in the doggo remake of  King Kong, my furball friends like that movie: 

15. I am Hank and I am the King in the North.

16. I think I shooed the mailman away, now how will I get my letter? 

17. BRB, I’m going to go to the garden and ‘fool’ my hooman.

18. The boredom of the lockdown has turned me into a painter.

19. Hooman, don’t call me good boy, I am the ‘Bad Guy’ and Billie Eilish’s secret muse. 

20. I wish I could help all the frontline workers and delivery executives for looking after us . But I’m just going to cheer them up with my Trucker Han look!

Why should hoomans have all the fun? Let us know which is your favourite Hank look in the comments section below.