Disclaimer: Distressing images, readers’ discretion is advised. 

In an act of valour in Cape Town, a dog saved its owner from being mugged but ended up being stabbed in the head. Miraculously though, the dog made full recovery and managed to cheat death.


Gino Wensel, 40, was on a walk with his dog, Duke, when a street robber stopped them with a knife in his hand. Without a moment’s hesitation, the brave german shepherd defended its owner by growling at the robber. 

Scared, the robber ended up brutally stabbing Duke. 


Despite being thoroughly injured, Duke continued growling and managed to scare the robber away, until he finally collapsed, bleeding profusely.


Mr. Wensel thought his beloved pet had died but noticed him breathing and immediately contacted Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWSSA), a charity that cares for animals.


It was reported that the blade was three inches well within the dog’s skull.

The blade bent upon impact and narrowly missed the brain by a few millimetres, hitting the right eye socket instead.

With Duke slipping in and out of consciousness, the vet informed that, had the blade gone in even a millimetre further, Duke would’ve lost his life. But with proper care, Duke made an incredible recovery. 


Mr. Wensel heartily said

“This man probably wanted to rob me but my dog nearly lost his life protecting me”

The charity did not charge Gino for Duke’s treatment as Gino was unemployed and had very little money. They observed the heartfelt bond between the owner and the pet and excused the lot saying they rely on donations and are always ready to help those in need.

“Their bond is so special and to be able to save Duke and give him back to Gino was just wonderful.”

We are so touched at this heartfelt story of brave Duke and his owner.