Pet parents, we all have that one furry friend who always understands what you’re going through without you having to tell them how you feel. 

But have you ever wondered what would happen if your four-legged furry friend could talk and give you some major life advice?

Well, Kenny Sebastian’s comic strip series with his adorable four-legged furry friend Chip will give you an accurate perspective of how your wise doggo would have mature conversation with you: 

These casual conversations of Kenny and Chip will give you a reason to #AdoptDontShop: 

Good Boi Chip aptly explaining the difference between a lockdown introvert and an introvert-introvert is the ray of hope every extrovert needs: 

Excuse me, Chip is right, ice cream is comfort food for doggos and animals alike!

Chip’s amazing advice hits hard and is relatable to every millennial who’s torn between making money and following their passion: 

Moral of the illustration: this pandemic is to us what thunderstorm is to doggos: 

Chip’s reaction to deforestation should make us all realise about human’s tendency to destroy nature for their selfish needs. Maybe we are the virus: 

Admit it, just like Kenny we all have the dream of living our doggo’s life at least once every day:

Can someone please tell me how I can be as cool as Chip? 

Chip and his frenemy’s version of 6-Feet Apart’ is my absolute favourite: 

Coffee addiction is as bad as social media addiction, period. 

Chip being mad at Kenny for not cuddling with him enough is literally how I demand attention: 

Ok, that’s it. It’ official, Chip is the Garfield of doggos, fight me: 

Squishy doggo, squishy doggo, what are they feeding you? 

Ok, Chip officially gives the best burns: 

Literally No one: 
All doggos on Sunday at 6 a.m:

Every bite you take, every snack you make, everything you bake, I’ll be watching you: 

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