The term ‘puppy face’ may have been coined sometime in history when a doggo probably won over its owner by subtly faking an illness or injury. 

Science Alert

Recently we came across a dog who faked a broken leg just to get people’s attention. 

Lad Bible

After finding out how he fools people with his innocent act, we tried to find more such instances where dogs completely baffled their owners with their method acting. 

1. Like this one fellow who keeps falling on the ground when its pack-leader comes closer for grooming the dog’s paws.

2. Or this one was caught on the house camera. Just so adorable! 

3. Sometimes they act when they want to get things done and don’t want to do it by themselves. 

Just like this one. 

4. And can also lay dead until you decide to pay attention. 

5. The ‘completely laying stiff’ act is what these puppers have learned to perfection. 

6. And doggos perform it to perfection. Look here. 

7. They might do it for attention, just like this one here. 

8. Only a Taco-call could wake this dog up when she was sleeping. But was she really sleeping?

9. Or is this dog really limping? We don’t think so. 

10. One thing that we know for sure – dogs get very very jealous! 

11. They can also repeat sounds, like that of an ambulance or fire truck. 

12. When mommy’s not around, you just gotta roll. 

13. Look at this golden retriever drag the puppy away. Indeed dramatic. 

14. These adorable doggos are totally the nominees for this time’s Oscar awards. 

15. Certainly, the doggo doesn’t like going to the vet. 

16. When a doggo says no, it means no. How adorable!

17. And guilty dogs are twice as adorable. You will find the culprit just by looking at their face.

18. While some crave attention, others act abruptly when you try to cuddle with them. 

19. Some little ones just want to avoid going for walks. 

20. Last but not the least, an angry husky who won’t look at her mommy but can’t resist when her mom sings her favourite song. 

Numerous MRI scans have found that dogs respond equally to food and praise, meaning they can feel emotions.

Further, The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy — and Why They Matter, a book by Marc Bekoff, explains that emotions are what cause your dog to behave differently in different situations.