Dogs never cease to amaze us humans with their innocent eyes, mischievous smile and goofy behavior. And even in their world, there are some who have qualities that set them apart and win them appreciation and fame worldwide. Be it a natural talent or skills taught and honed by their owners, these dogs now have Guinness World Records to their names!

1. Most balls caught by a dog with paws in one minute

This record was won by Purin, a female beagle from Japan, on 22 March, 2015. The then 9-year-old caught 14 balls with her paws in a minute. 

2. Longest wave surfed by a dog (open water)

A dog named Abbie Girl from USA surfed 107.2 meters (351.7 ft) at the Ocean Beach Dog Beach in 2011 in San Diego, USA, and bagged this amazing record. Dogs are adventurous too!

3. Fastest 5  on front paws by a dog

This was achieved by USA’ Konjo when she clocked 2.39 seconds for 5 metres while walking on front paws at Tustin Sports Park in 2014. 

4. Loudest bark

A golden retriever from Australia, Charlie’s bark was recorded to be 113.1 dB during the Purina Bark event in Rymill Park, Adelaide, Australia. Bow wow!

5. Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog

Loughren Christmas Star (Toby) from Canada popped 100 balloons in 28.22 seconds in Alberta, Canada, in April, 2017. What talent!

6. Fastest crossing of a tightrope by a dog

Ozzy, a Border Collie, crossed a tightrope in 18.22 seconds in 2013 at F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue, Norfolk, UK, and became the fastest one to do so. 

7. Most bottles recycled by a dog

Tubby, a Labrador from UK, recycled approximately 26,000 plastic bottles in six years wherein he collected them during his regular walks, crushing and handing them over to his owner. He was rewarded with this record in 2010. Truly incredible!

8. Fastest 100 meter with a can balanced on head by a dog

This triumph was achieved by Sweet Pea from Australia at the College of Lake County, USA, in September 2008. Pea covered a distance of 100 metres with a can balanced on her head in 2 minutes 55 seconds. 

9. Fastest 10 hoop/tyre slalom by a dog

Neo from UK became the fastest dog to complete 10 hoop/tyre slalom by clocking for the same in Minehead, UK, in July 2016. Such a sporty pooch.

10. Fastest time for a dog to retrieve a person from water (25 m)

Jack the Black vom Muehlrad from Germany bagged this title when he retrieved a person from water over a 25 metre distance in 1 minute 36.812 seconds in June 2013 on the Kaarster See Lake, Germany. 

11. Most tricks performed by a dog in one minute

Smurf from UK performed 32 tricks in one minute in 2015 at Hertfordshire, UK, and won this record. He performed tricks like walking on his back paws, rolling over, bowing etc. Such a cute gig!

12. Most flying discs caught and held in mouth by a dog

An American dog Rose has the record for catching and holding seven flying discs that are thrown one at a time, holding them all in her mouth at the same time. Pretty impressive, right?

13. Fastest 30 metre on a scooter by a dog

The fastest 30 metre on a scooter by a dog was achieved in 20.77 seconds by Norman the Scooter Dog, (USA), at All Tournament Players Park, USA.

14. Fastest 10 metre on a walking globe by a dog – backwards

Sailor from USA timed 17.06 seconds on walking 10 metre backwards on a walking globe at Hawthorn Middle School, Illinois, USA. Such style and swagger!

15. Fastest 100 metre skateboarding by a dog

Jumpy the Dog from USA covered a distance of 100 metres on a skateboard in 19.65 seconds on September 2013 on the set of ‘Officially Amazing’ of Guinness World Records in Los Angeles. 

16. Most tennis balls in mouth by a dog

The world record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog at one time is five. Augie, a golden retriever owned by the Miller family in Dallas, USA, successfully gathered and held all five regulation-sized tennis balls on 6 July, 2003.

Images via Guinness World Records