If you think dogs are the best, and there’s nothing they can do that can possibly outdo their own goodness, then hear this out.

video captured a brave doggo preventing a little girl from falling into the water. 

It protecc, it fetch, but most importantly it got your bacc. How, you ask?

In the video, the dog notices that the girl is treading too close to the water and acts quickly by pulling her back.

Starting a petition to rename ‘Courage, The Cowardly Dog’ to ‘Courage, The Courageous Dog’.

But, the dog’s duty is not done yet. It must also fetch the ball, for which the girl went to the water in the first place.

How pure is this? A golden ‘retriever’ and a ‘pawtector’.

The internet has come together to virtually pet this goodest boy-

Dogs, frankly, might be the only hope for humanity.

Watch the video here.