Okay, let me sleep now. 

But first, let me check notifications from ten thousand apps that are on my phone, think about the alignment of the universe and worry about that one time I said something stupid in class IV.

Okay, I can’t sleep now. 


This has been the story (read problem) of my life, just like many other people.

But, as it turns out, dogs also can’t sleep due to stress.


As unfortunate as it sounds, it’s true. As per a report by Vice, scientists have noticed irregular sleep patterns in dogs who are either not shown physical love by their owners before going to bed or are touched by strangers.

Mercury News

They keep thinking about the fact that they did not receive as much love as they wanted and I don’t know how to deal with this new piece of information. 

The scientists also noticed that when this sadness becomes too much to deal with, dogs go off to sleep faster (and you thought only humans have this fuck the world attitude). 

The Labrador Site

Sorry for sending you on a guilt trip but next time you are partying late at night, know that your dog at home is not able to find sleep.

Mipet Gourmet

So, instead of checking your phone, spend time with your dog before going to bed and you will both sleep better.