Just like us, even doggos have thoughts that they can’t tell us. But, here is a twitter account named @dog_feelings that tries to convey what our four-legged friends think about, on a daily basis. This humorous account has more than 3 million followers and its quite entertaining. Check it out. 

How did you know that doggo?

Friends who stay together, do everything together. 

We love your squishy ears. 

Thought for the day: Never give up your dreams. 

Some habits will never change.

You clever doggo…

One kiss on the forehead coming up.

True that!

Love you 3000.

Can’t argue with that. Can I?

Always there to tell us ‘all is well.’

Even this furry creature is as confused as hoomans are.

That’s so sweet of you.

Delaying ‘cheese time’ is a punishable offence. 

Just telling the truth the way it is.

Not a single chance…

Always up for helping someone in need. 

True story. 

Smooth criminal or an innocent one?

Just recharging my inner chakra.

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