In India, one might call a ‘big fat wedding’ with thousands of guests and outrageous amount of money spent ‘too much’. But this couple might have crossed the line for their wedding. 

Reportedly, a couple organized a safari-themed wedding where they decided to paint black stripes on donkeys to make them look like zebras. This was reported in a Spanish beach town called El Palmar which is a town in Cadiz. 

Daily Mail

The two “zebras”–who were seen outside the bar where the wedding celebrations were taking place–were filmed by a concerned local. He reported this incident to the animal activists and posted it on his Facebook account. 

He mentioned

Something that is a humiliating animal treatment, as well as repulsive and shameful, a bit more… And all to give an ‘exotic or African touch’ to this small bar, which is like all those that exist on the beach. 
Daily Mail

This case has caught the attention of the Agricultural and Commercial Office (OCA), as well as the Nature Protection Service of Spain. The investigation for this case is now underway.