Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

With humans invading forests and poaching becoming more prevalent every passing day, cases of barbarism against majestic beasts, have been reported time and again, especially in some parts of Africa. 

The Conversation

This time, an elephant was found lying dead next to its severed trunk. 

The brutal images that were captured using a drone display the barbarism with which the elephant was killed for ivory in Botswana. 

Metro UK

According to the Metro News, poachers used chainsaws to cut off the animal’s trunk and tusks before abandoning its carcass on the plains of the southern African country. 

Metro UK

The African country recently lifted a ban on hunting animals, citing that a booming population of elephants was damaging farmers’ livelihood. 

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Since 2014, poaching cases in the country have increased rapidly with an estimated 539% rise, reports Metro News

This was even before the ban on hunting animals was lifted, highlighting the vast number of poachers that are regularly involved in illegal animal trade in Botswana. 


The picture of the mutilated elephant, titled Disconnection, was taken by documentary filmmaker Justin Sullivan, who said: 

They said an elephant had just been poached and I asked to be taken to the site. On arrival, I used a drone to capture the image. 
Lad Bible

Explaining why he chose to take the picture from above the ground, Sullivan claimed: 

The high angle looking top down shows isolation and highlights not only the physical disconnection of the animal, but our disconnection from the situation. 

Sustaining an environment for animals like elephants is necessary considering tourism and luxury safari rides contribute the most to the country’s economy after diamond mining.