Trigger Warning: The following article contains gory visual details of an instance of animal cruelty. 

As the liquor shops across the ciuntry have reopened during the lockdown, people have forgotten the basic norms of social distancing. 

But, in today’s WTF news, a drunk man from Kolar, Karnataka bit a snake into pieces for crossing his path while he was riding his bike. 


While returning home with his newly bought liquor stash, the drunk man first ran over the viper with his two-wheeler. 

After which he tossed the injured snake and wore it around his neck. In a video that has been doing rounds on social media, the drunk man was seen screaming:

How dare you block my path. 

He then held the snake, mauled it with his teeth until it was torn into tiny pieces. According to reports the man has been identified as Kumar and is a construction worker. 

Even though somebody was smart enough to call the Police, they arrived 30 minutes after the incident and the snake was already dead by then.