People love pets. Well, some love having them because they can actually be responsible to take care of them. Others, well, let’s just say that they are the type that finds puppies and kittens cute. Point being, when people mention pets, one’s mind often wanders but stays limited to a cat or a dog or in some cases, even birds.

Rebel Circus

But Emzotic is not one of those people. The Youtube Vlogger has given the world a view of her unique taste in pets through her exotic videos and if you are wondering what wild creature did Lady Hagrid manage to control in her apartment in London, well the list starts with a python and the reptile is the most normal of all her prized collections.


Em, as she often refers to herself, teaches children about exotic animals and hence has more than a fair idea about how to keep them and raise them without causing any harm to herself or the creatures. One of Em’s very first videos was about the Madagascan hissing cockroaches. In the video, Em repeatedly pats them causing them to hiss. Albeit, she insists they are harmless. She also has a collection of snails, ferrets, and spiders.


Em says that every single animal she has, she brings them out on a daily basis. Rebel Circus reported her saying that she loved doing videos of her animals on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. She believes that in a manner, it is less scary and more intriguing for people to see a young woman interact with these animals that it would be if they saw a man doing the same.

Although she encourages people to understand these animals, she warns that owning exotic pets is not for everyone and people should not get them out of excitement and without research.