Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.  

Around the world, humans are now known as destroyers and have been found guilty of exploiting nature and animals time and again. 

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Just days after an elephant passed away after colliding with a train, another has now been found riddled with 70 bullet holes in his body. 

The poor Borneo pygmy elephant was discovered by farmers, floating in a river in Sabah, Malaysia. The corpse was further tied to a tree, reports Fox News


According to post-mortem reports, the elephant, belonging to an endangered group, was killed by poachers for its tusks. 

The WWF statistics point out that only 1500-odd Borneo pygmy elephants are left in the entire world, a saddening fact. 

Fox News

Condemning the ghastly attack on the elephant, Elizabeth John, a spokesperson for the wildlife trade monitoring group Traffic, said: 

Identifying and bringing those responsible for the killings to justice is key to tackling this threat. We hope investigations don’t stop at just this case, there is a high chance this is linked to others.

Warning: The video is disturbing. Do not watch if you are sensitive to the sight of an injured animal. 

Despite finding protection under Malaysian law, pygmy elephants in Borneo have been targetted for their ivory and tusks time and again by poachers. 

No arrests have been made so far.